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The Educational Milestone Foundation Scholarship was awarded to me during the spring of this year and it has been more than a blessing to my family and myself.  Families continue to struggle to meet ends meet during this global economic crisis and any form of financial aid provides a much needed relief to my family and other families alike. This scholarship award has been a blessing and has supported my motivation to continue on the road to success. Being awarded for my efforts has only reminded me that excelling in my studies has it rewards which can be received at such an early stage as this. I intend to continue working hard because this scholarship is a part of all the rewards that are available to those who make the effort to excel in their studies.

I am more than thankful that I will be rewarded with the scholarship as long as I continue to do well in school. It’s an honor and privilege, and I cannot express enough gratitude for being selected as the recipient.

Alex Griffith, John Jay College of Criminal Justice



Mahopac High School seniors, Gordon Burrows and Matt Villani, received scholarships to their SUNY schools on May 26, 2011.  Not pictured is Samantha DeBellis who is a freshman at SUNY Albany.

A photo from Kayla during her fall semester at Binghamton! 

The College Education Milestone Foundation is proud to work closely with the Counseling Department at John Jay College to distribute a portion of its scholarship money each year.  For more information please visit: and\4013.php

Nine incoming freshman at John Jay awarded scholarships from CEM.  See what they have to say about their education and what the scholarships mean to them:

David Veguari-"College is what drives the separation of classes.  Because college is expensive, the upper and upper middle class are the only ones that can afford it."

Justine Ford--"If I was to receive this scholarship, it would help not only me but my mother also. It would lift a burden off her shoulders and it will make her proud to see me become closer to my dreams."

Tanya Napolitano--"I see a college eduacation as a main priority in achieving my goals and dreams.  With this scholarship, I can be one step closer in fulfilling my ambitions by getting the right college education."

Nicolas Buono--"My parents have taught each of us that without a college education you will not succeed in this world."

Nicholas Guarriello--"By completing college I can ensure that I will not face the challenges my father has endured."

Ryan Melcher--"This scholarship would greatly assist me in reducing my tuition payment, allowing me to put more focus on my school work and worry less about scrambling for money."

Hamala Niranjan--"The scholarship will greatly help me as I prepare for my freshman year of college, and it will also aid me as I pay my college tuition which I would considerably value."

Stacey-Ann Sterling--"The scholarship will greatly contribute to my tuition at John Jay."

Sophie Plaisir--"Hopes of attending college were always present and long behold have been met with years of hard work.  Receiving this scholarship would mean fulfilling both my family's and my dream."

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